YouTube videos and Web Objects not working properly

Jun 22, 2017

I am having some trouble with embedding videos from YouTube while using web objects. I understand that insert video from a website and youtube doesn't work properly, so I decided to use the web object route. I added the video link, added the s to the http and it works. My issue is when I load the file into my LMS (cornerstone). I know YouTube videos work within the LMS because I have uploaded them previously outside of SL. Typically, what happens when a course is launched, a pop up browser is launched showing the actual course itself. When the screen for the YouTube video pops, it displays in a different browser as a full screen. I've tried the custom settings for the screen to reduce the size, but this doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to change the actual screen size when the video opens in another browser or are those settings specific to YouTube? My worry is that the learner will go to the page, the video will pop full screen in a new browser but then lose the actual web course behind it. I'd prefer it not to pop in another browser but actually open in the SL course, but I've read that feature isn't working properly when the course is loaded into an LMS. I've attached a sample. I am using SL2. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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yuna buhrman

i have followed the instructions to add youtube videos. only one works of the three i added in this way. I get an error when i try to launch the other two, however they play just fine in youtube. I have tried using other videos just to check, but same error. Researched error on youtube which suggests its a bandwidth error. this is not valid in my case because:

a. my bandwidth is not lacking

b. first video works

I compared the video code for the one that works to the others, did not find a difference.

thanks for any help

Zsolt Olah


I usually look at the browser's development tools window for the exact error: on Chrome it's Ctrl+Shift+I. The Console shows the exact problem in red if there's any. It could be that YouTube restricts some video played in an iframe, for example. Or the embed code is https:// but the course plays on http://, there are lots of potential issues. 


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