YouTube Videos - Pausing base layer audio/ trouble with ads

Hi all,

I'm embedding YouTube videos into my course (with embed code and as a web object). Here are my two issues I could use some advice on:

Embed from Website

I love being able to embed the YouTube video into Storyline, but some videos have ads on them and you cannot click the X on the ads to make them go away. The videos become unusable since the ads don't go away and then fade into the back, disrupting the view. Has anyone else had this problem?

Embed as Web Object

By embedding as a web object, the user now has control to close out the ads (yay!), however, I am unable to add a trigger to the object that will pause the base layer audio. My instructors are introducing the videos, and ideally, when the student clicks "play" the audio would pause or stop. No such luck here. Is there a way of stopping the audio?


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Rachel Hanson

Hi Alisha,

BIt of a late response but I have had this problem with ads on Youtube when embedding from the website. Did you manage to get round it?

When I try and embed as a web object I have trouble making the window in Storyline view the right bit of the webpage!

Any ideas with either issue very welcome!