Youtube web object - how not to show the whole screen?

HI there

I want to put a Youtube video in my Storyline course.  While the embed video works well and looks good I wanted to have a bit more control of the object (essentially I want to be able to stop the video at around 20 seconds rather than watch the full 2mins) so decided to put it in as a web object.  I've had a look at the tutorials and looked through other threads on this topic but couldn't find the answers, so hoping you can help:

1. Is there any way to only show the video only from Youtube (as opposed to the whole screen, including comments sections) when inserting as a web object?

2. I have included additional controls to end the video at 20 seconds and automatically play, but these do not seem to work when I preview OR when I publish. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

If all else fails, I will just embed it but was hoping for a solution to be able to control the length of the video. Or is there any other way to 'edit' videos we're inserting from the web?



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Mike Taylor

Hi Anne, you can play specify certain start and stop times as well as embed only the video portion of a YouTube video.

Here is an example of how it works:

Original video:

Same video starting at 30secs, ending at 60 secs and displaying only the video:

If you look closely you'll see start=   end=  and autoplay = in the url.  The start and end values should be in seconds and for autoplay 0 is off while 1 is on.

Also rel=0 turns off the display of related videos when it is done playing.

The only catch might be if the owner of the video isn't allowing embedding.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


I have nothing valuable to add to the advice by you and Michael. But clicked on the first link just so I could see the comparisons and how the parameters were embedded, and ended up wasting 2 minutes watching the marmoset ... or was it the mama said ... video. What a hoot! Tx for the laughs. Oh, and tx to both of you for the solution.

Anne Pead

Thanks Mike and Michael! I had looked at that post yesterday and followed the instructions but it didn't work at all (I kept getting the full Youtube page and it ignored my requests of start and end times too) but today (of course!) it's working like a gem...exactly as it's supposed to

I must have been typing something in wrong. Thanks SO much for the quick responses. And I agree with Rebecca...the Marmoset song is hilarious, thanks for making me smile on a rainy Friday morning!