YouTube Web Object only works in HTML5 output

I am having a strange issues with a YouTube video embedded as a web object. If I publish the video and open it via the "story.html" link, I see the starter image, but when I click the object to play it, the entire object seems to disappear.

However, when I open the story via the "story_html5.html" link, it functions perfectly.

Anyone else experience something like this/know how to adjust my settings so it plays well with flash?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Victoria,

To be honest, it's not very odd. If you take a look at the article I mentioned earlier, there are some browser restrictions that can cause issues with playback - I see this a lot with web objects (such as YouTube videos and URLs). It's always best to make sure you test your content in the environment for which it's intended, so you know it will work there in the end.

Having said all that, I'm very happy to hear that this is working for you on the LMS :)

Thanks very much and have a great weekend!