YouTube Web Object, want to have learners view full video before advancing

Jul 02, 2015

With YouTube no longer able to be embedded directly and having to use them as Web Objects now, I am looking for a way for the YouTube viewer controls to be turned off, or some way for the learner to have to watch the video to completion before advancing slide.  I saw the parameters you can add to control similar other aspects of the YouTube video but none that turn off the controls.  Using timeline won't work as they could pause and never watch the video (and we are a paramedic service that could have to leave the lesson paused to respond to a call)

Any ideas?  Thanks---Jeff

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeffrey,

You could look at disabling the next button until the timeline has finished and set the timeline to match the length of the video. As you mentioned - the user could still pause the video, but at least if they tried to do that and advance right away (as a way of not watching it) this would give them some indication that they slide can't finish until they've watched it. Maybe add a pop up messaging indicating as such? 

Hope that helps get you thinking and hopefully other folks in the community will chime in with their own ideas as well! 

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