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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nicky,

Are you seeing that the .story file is smaller than the .zip folder created post publish? Or that the published output folder is smaller than the zipped version of that same folder?

Perhaps we could take a look at your .story file to get started! Upload it here using the "add attachment" button. 

Could you also check which update of Storyline 2 you're using? Go to the Help tab -> About Articulate Storyline to see the update number. We're on Update 12. 

Nicky Piper

I am using Storyline 2 and am on update 12, which I updated to when I had this issue with the file size, as I thought that might be my problem.

I have just looked at all 3 files and found the .story file is 120MB, then when published the folder is 350MB and when zipped the file is 160MB.  So maybe it is all working OK, it was just that previous Storyline projects I've done have never zipped to a larger file than the original .story file.

I have uploaded it to our LMS and all is working OK, but I wanted to check if this sounded correct.