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Jul 11, 2012


I would like to use the Zoom-Effect for a picture and a text in the format 381 x 272 px (h x w).

But I could not change the zoom to this size.

Can I change the zoom size and how?

Or can I use 2 zoom effects at the same time to get the result?


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Luis Catalán Lebrón

   As far I know, I'm sorry, but you can't...

   Try to do it working with layers.

   This is because your "player screen" is defined at the left of the Design tap at Storyline. Soy, if you define a rectangular "story size", when you zoom a square region, you'll also show the surrounding contents...

   But you probably could hide them copy-pasting the surrounding contents and not showing them while the zoom area is coursing. And using the fade effect for this.

   Study my attachment file.

   The other solution could by work with layer. But... this option could be better only on a triggered presentation...

   Good work!

C Burke

Having the zoom shape be a square ONLY doesn't work well for software simulations. Menus, nav bars, fields, data columns, rows of info...they are ALL rectangles. And, no matter how you adjust the size, it is locked in a square--big square, small square, always a square.

To me, the inability to adjust the shape of the zoom (even slightly) makes the effect difficult to use for most screen-based systems training.

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