Zoom image not appearing in published version

I have an image in a Storyline presentation to which I've added the zoom option.  The little magnifying glass is clearly there in the file when I am working with it in Storyline, but then when I publish it, it is not there.  I am working with the file on my C-drive.  I've republished a number of times and resaved the file to no avail.  I am out of ideas - any suggestions?  There are a whole bunch of other images with the zoom where it works fine.  Thanks!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Elearning 1 -- thanks for reaching out! Are you having difficulty or just wanted to stop in to share what worked for you? If you are having troubles, you may want to share your file so we are able to take a closer look, and you will be able to do so by using the 'ADD ATTACHMENT' button in the bottom left of the reply box. 

Torian Kneal

Was anyone able to confirm whether or not the length of the title impacted their ability to use the zoom feature? I am currently working on a module where the title is pretty short, it just says Wage Income, but same issue. The magnifying glass shows up in my storyline file but not when I publish it. 

Katie Riggio

Really sorry you've come across this oddity, Torian. I'm happy to lend a hand!

This discussion is a bit older, so let's start fresh. Could you help me with these key details? :

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • Is this happening with multiple images, or a particular one?
  • Would you be able to share the .story or a troublesome image file with me, so I can take a close look? Here's the link if you need to send it privately.