Zoom in and out on iPad? Custom left menu? Help!

My client would like to use our Storyline module on the iPad including the left menu, in Storyline,. but the default left menu is too tiny to be tappable. So my client zoomed in with a gesture so the menu got larger. Only problem is that she is unable to zoom back out to see the content again after zooming in!

Has anyone either:

1) Customized the left menu to be larger so it's tappable on the iPad

2) Gotten the content to both zoom out and zoom in so the client can zoom in to use the menu, then zoom out again to see the rest of the content?

3) Come up with another way to deal with this issue?

Please advise ASAP.

Thank you very much!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ellen,

Are you viewing the HTML5 output or within the mobile player? Technically the HTML5 output does not support gestures such as zooming, which could be why you're unable to get it to zoom out, and I'm fairly certain the mobile player only zooms into the slide itself, not the player elements. 

You may want to look at your overall story size and what settings you've used for the player (optimal or fill - only HTML5) to see if you can modify how it looks.