Zoom in/out keyboard shortcuts?

Dec 13, 2015

Are there keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out in slide view while developing in Storyline 2? CTRL + and CTRL - do nothing.

Tom Kulmann has a video on creating custom buttons (https://player.vimeo.com/video/149065915) where he appears to use a zoom in keyboard shortcut at about the 2:43 mark.


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Wonder Worker
Wonder Worker

Hi Christie, Yep Ctrl + Mouse Wheel is one of the methods discussed in the first link. And in fact, it's my favorite of those I've discovered since posting this question.

Also discussed is using the slider at the bottom right-corner in slide view. See attached. That's pretty slick, too.

After I posted I also found that Windows users can click [Windows button] + [+] or [Windows button] + [ - ] to zoom in and out.

I found that the methods described in the second link I posted didn't work for me in Windows. Maybe those shortcuts are for Mac users.



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