Zoom in step-by-step / sw-simulation (SL1)


I stumpbled across a problem - at least it's one for me.
Is there a way maintain a zoom across multiple sildes? Copy and past doesen't work neither doe ALT+SHIFT+RETURN so I can't even place and size then exactly by hand.
I want to mainain  a constant zoom for the length of a step-by-step but my handdrawn zooms are allway of by a bit.


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Nicole Anglin

I have a work around for this, And what I do. This does take more time but it makes the transitions look better if you can line up the zooms from slide to slide. 

  1. First, create the zoom and place it in the exact location and size you want on the first slide. 
  2. Now, add a box shape and align it to the zoom region. I tend to have the box on the far inside of the zooms outline. That has always worked best. Once you get the size of the shape correct, the rest is pretty easy. 
  3. Next, copy the shape and place it on the next slide you would like the zoom on. 
  4. Then, Create a new zoom on the new slide and align it exactly how you did on the main slide. Keep doing this on every slide you wish to have the zoom on. 
  5. Lastly, delete the shape from the slide. 

Also, remember for the zoom not to go in and out (until needed) you need to position the zooms to where they play to the end of the time line or show until end. When you are ready for it to zoom out, on the last slide, you postilion the end as such. 

Hope this helps. Yes we need to be able to position and copy zoom regions. It can be a pain to do this process. 


Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Greetings, Paul. Thanks for checking in! 

This feature isn't on our immediate roadmap, but we're tracking the voices shared here. We promise to update this discussion if this concept gets added, and here's a glimpse into how we plan for future enhancements!

In the meantime, have you had a chance to try drawing guides? They should help determine where you need to position a zoom region, and are constant across slides.