Zoom option for the embedded image in Storyline 360 - not really zooming

Hey colleagues,

I have found a couple of 7-year old threads on this topic but this doesn't help my situation much--
My use case is:

  1. get a large image into the Storyline (larger than a slide),
  2. let it be auto-schrunk by the Storyline (to fit the screen on a preview),
  3. have a zoom-icon on it,
  4. when a user click on the Zoom - they can see the zoomed-in image (real size).

    However, when I follow these steps - the zoom is not actully zooming, it is doing nothing apart adding a grey area on the image sides.

    If I keep the image from auto-resizing then I will only see a part of it and it won't zoom anyway.
    So how does it suppose to work then?
    I attach here the .story file and the published :


Thanks a lot!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Irina,

Thanks for sharing the details of what you are working on as well as a sample file for us to take a look.

Your image will not zoom to larger than your slide/player available space. Let me explain a couple of your options:

  1. Zoom region - great to highlight a specific piece of the image if needed. (Scene 2 attached)
  2. Zoom picture - great for images that are smaller on your slide, but you'd like the option for learners to zoom in if needed. (Scene 3 attached)