Zoom Out Effect - So Close!

Oct 24, 2018

I am working on creating a workaround for zooming in/out with a trigger. I was hoping to a) use it myself and b) share it with this community as it seems (as far as I can tell) this has been discussed but this exact thing hasn't been done. (If it has, please let me know!)

I am creating an interactive info graphic and I'd like the learner to click on a piece of the diagram, zoom in for more info, then click again to zoom out. Here's how I have it set up:

slide 1 - learner clicks an icon. trigger advances to next slide

slide 2- zoom region automatically zooms in and stays zoomed. text appears. learner clicks again and trigger advances to next slide.

slide 3-zoom region set to zoom out, trigger set to advance to main slide when timeline ends.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Christine. I created a quick example which has a zoom region on slide 1that I have set to show until the end when the slide jumps to slide 2. There is a brief pause once the zoom region completes before the slide jumps.  Then, I have a transition on slide 3 so that clicking Next on slide 2 causes slide 3 to "zoom" into view.

Let me know how you're setting this up, and we'll see how we can help!

Gerry Wasiluk

IMVHO, a true pan and zoom feature in SL is long overdue.  This includes setting the zoom speed for the number of seconds that you want.

As a user also of Vyond for creating videos to use in SL360, the way they do this with setting camera positions is very elegant and simple.  Something similar in SL would be very welcome.

Time for another feature request on this.  :)

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