Zoom out when advancing progress bar

We have run into a little problem with Storyline 360. I have set up a zoom feature on a slide and it works well. However, if I click on the progress bar to move it ahead, the image remains zoomed in, and I am unable to see the whole screen. Moving the progress bar has no affect on the zoom and it appears to be frozen.

Also, the Next button does not respond.

Any ideas?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Brad, and thanks for sharing that behavior.  Are you able to take a screencast of what you're seeing?   Or if you can share your file, I'm happy to test it out.

I did some quick testing with Storyline 360.  Scrubbing the seekbar back and forth moved the timeline so that the zoom went in and out in accordance with the position on the timeline.  When I clicked ahead while the zoom region displayed, it stayed zoomed it, but didn't freeze.  I could click elsewhere on the seekbar and click the play button to resume playing the slide.  The next button continued to work for me as well.

Hopefully we can see something in your setup that needs fixing!

Brad Carroll

Hi Crystal,
Sorry for the delay. I'm not able to share the file via email. Any other ideas on how to get this file to you?

We have had to limit access to the progress bar so that the user doesn't get confused when the slide stops working. This happens when trying to move the progress bar when there is a zoom feature on the slide.


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