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Sep 17, 2013

I am adding the Zoom Picture function to my slide.  The button for users to click to zoom in on the picture is added to the bottom right corner of the picture.  I would like to place it in another position.  Is this possible?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Barb and Ashley,

Barb, just in case you want a work around, Mike Enders wrote a blog post on creating your own zoom effect.

I've attached a rough example I'd put together after reading his post...I'd play around with a few ideas, but I've simply pulled one slide and am uploading that one here.

For this example, I simply wanted Learners to be able to zoom in and out with a click. So I used Mike's instructions on creating the selected state.

I also added a grow and shrink animation to the selected state so the zoom in and out had a little more pizazz. Adding animations to the states is a little funky, so I always use Phil Mayors trick which is

  • Click to make the state active (in this case the selected state)
  • Add the animations
  • Cut the object from the state
  • Paste the object back into the state.

Maybe that's more than you wanted to know, Barb! Or, if you want to know more, please shout out with any questions.

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