Zoom Picture issue

Storyline 3 issue.

When using the "Zoom Picture" feature, is there a way to prevent users from being able to click on items in the background? I thought that the gray area would block user interaction but it does not. Is clicking on the image again the only way to hide the Zoomed picture?


I have a Zoom Picture image on a Slide Layer. The user can magnify the image and then click a button in the background that closes the layer leaving the magnified image covering the slide's Base Layer. 

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Surya Koduri

Hi Randall,

To prevent users from clicking the buttons in the base layer, go to the layer properties (right click select the properties on the slide layer) prevent users from clicking the base layer option or you can hide the ojects on all other layers. Zoom in is only through click on image or any area on the slide to zoom out.


Randall Sauchuck


The items that are registering as clickable are not on the base layer.  So your suggestion will not work. 

Hiding items when clicking is not an acceptable solution because there is no action to trigger them to "unhide". Plus its a bad user experience IMO.

"Zoom in is only through click on image or any area on the slide to zoom out." This is how it is supposed to be but in reality, button objects are still clickable through the grayed out background (and they trap the "click" event  which prevents the "un-zoom" action from triggering)

I have come up with a work around though.

  1. Place a rectangle (named "blocker") with a transparent fill behind the zoom-able image(s) but in front of all other items. Initial state is hidden.
  2. Add a trigger to  the  zoom-able images to set the state of "blocker" to normal when clicked.
  3. Add a trigger to "blocker" to set its state to hidden when clicked.

So the user clicks the image. It zooms and "blocker" gets set to normal. Clicking an area covered by "blocker" un-zooms the image AND sets "blocker" to hidden again. Apparently the issue is ONLY with Button objects as the "click" event is not trapped and both actions happen.


Crystal Horn

Randall - one quick note for you.  It looks like the zoomed picture remains only in Flash output of the course.  In HTML5, when I clicked to hide the layer, the picture remained for a moment, but then "flew" out of the slide to the left.

Can you confirm if that's what you're seeing on your end too?