Zoom Region activated by Seekbar

I have a couple of slides with zoom regions on them. They both work as intended when you watch the slide (it zooms in and zooms out when it is supposed to). 

The problem comes if you try to skip ahead or back using the player seekbar. When you do this, the slide zooms in and stays zoomed in for the rest of the slide. If you restart the slide using the 'restart' button, it goes back to normal. This issue occurs on the two different slides that have the zoom regions.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

This sounds awfully similar to my issue here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/frustrating-seekbar-issue

There's a workaround, but unfortunately, you can't just turn a zoom on/off as I did with the layer. So unless someone from Articulate finally acknowledges this as a bug and revert seekbar functionality to pre-update Storyline 2 behaviour, you're pretty much stuck with the glitch or needing a workaround approach.

Hope it helps,