Zoom Region behaves inappropriately when slide's Navigation Controls are removed

Mar 13, 2017

Can anyone else replicate this issue in SL2 (and the solution I only identified through painful and tedious experimentation)?  

Zoom regions do not behave as expected when the both the "Previous" and "Next" buttons (in Slide Properties) are removed.  As long as one or the other is present, zoom regions seem to work appropriately (even if the remaining button is in "Disabled" state).  Symptoms include:

- Inaccurate zooming: zooming in to an area that does not correspond to the green dotted outline in Slide-Design view

- Erratic zooming: speed does not correspond (or respond to changes) to Zoom Speed settings and it "bounces" at the end of the zoom-in

- Slide is offset (not centered) within the base screen while in Preview mode,

- Incomplete zoom-out when zoom-region timeline ends: doesn't zoom all the way back out

Only by re-creating my slide and previewing after every change was I able to identify the step that "broke" the zoom region (and, of course, changing the Slide Properties was the last change I made, blurg).  I'm curious if anyone else (users or developers) can re-create this error?

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