Zoom Region Copy/Paste *PLUS* Size & Position Attributes

Dec 29, 2017

Dear Articulate,

  I'll begin by saying that I have submitted a feature request.  I'm writing this mostly to solicit alternatives to my preferred workaround.

For Discussion:
  I am currently working on a software tutorial.  It is more than 100 slides long.  The subject software GUI is very detailed, with tiny font.  I am making extensive use of zoom regions.

  I love the "Show Until End" feature for Zoom Regions on the timeline.

  I use Guidelines to help me replicate my Zoom Regions from slide to slide.  This works, but you know what would be so much better???  Copy/Paste!  I've read that other users created a rectangle they could copy/paste from slide to slide to help replicate their zoom regions.  I tried that.  Guidelines work much better IMO, because they're precise, easy to adjust, and clearly visible behind the dashed lines of the zoom regions.

Feature Request:
  Copy/Paste should be made available for zoom regions.  I would also like the ability to set the size and position of my zoom region with a "Size and Position" menu analogous to that found in the Drawing Tools, or x and y pixel counts analogous to those applied by guidelines.

  I'm going to create the end product I need by building each and every zoom region from scratch... but I could do it in less than half the time if Articulate added Copy/Paste functionality for Zoom Regions.

Paul O.

P.S.- I understand that zoom regions are not "objects" like text boxes, buttons, or images.  Answering this request may require some heavy lifting in the code-writing world.  Thanks in advance!

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Katie Riggio

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending in these suggestions!

I submitted these feature requests on your behalf, so you should have received an email confirmation about it. As always – please feel free to share your thoughts here in the community, or via our feature request form. Additionally, here's some insight into how we handle those requests.

You've also probably already read through these discussions, but I wanted to share them with you just in case, as there are several great tips mentioned!

I hope this helps, and I'll open the floor to the community to share tips on how they're currently replicating Zoom Regions from slide to slide in Storyline.

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