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Charles Zoffuto

Great question. The issue is that the Zoom is zooming past the CC. So what I did was to split my slide with the zoom feature on it. And the end of the new first slide is where I have my zoom. There is a gap in the audio so I don't have the CC issue. Then on the next slide I enlarged and cropped my screen image to replicate the zoom. 

It isn't particularly elegant, but it work.

karen forkish

HI Charles,

Thanks for the feedback! That sounds like an innovative solution.

I realized that I wasn't seeing the same problem when I tested in Chrome, so tried re-publishing to HTML5 only (instead of Flash with HTML5 fallback), and that fixed the problem. I think it only happened in the Flash playback. I didn't want to give up on the zoom feature completely, and this seems to work for me.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks!

So sorry you're running into this--we're seeing the same thing. Closed captions aren't working correctly in the Flash output when there is a zoom region on a slide. Fortunately, the HTML5 output is working correctly, so that's a good output to use until we have a fix in place.

Karen, you mentioned that text isn't displaying well in the HTML5 output in Internet Explorer 11. This article explains more about why that could be happening and how you can fix it.