Zoom Region - Mouse Disappears

Feb 20, 2021

Hi everyone. When I have a zoom region on the screen - it's taking the top spot in the timeline - so every time my mouse goes to click on something - it vanishes "behind" the zoom region.

Is there any work around for this - (without having to zoom back out every time I want to see the mouse click something?)


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Michael!

Zoom regions are based on the timeline, so it needs to appear at the top of the timeline to zoom in on objects behind the zoom region. 

It sounds like using a lightbox is going to be a better fit for what you're looking to build.

There is a trigger to Lightbox and Close Lightbox, which give you the option to determine when the zoom region will appear.

Here's an article that explains all about Lightboxes!

Michael Massaro

Yeah, thanks - that's not really a good solution for me. I'm creating software demos where sometimes you need to zoom in to see what's happening on the screen - mouse/typing/etc. From what I can tell lightboxes are just for darkening the background to point something out. And it's a lot more work than just adding a zoom region. 
It's unusual that any shape that comes on screen during a zoom will only appear if there is no intro animation (like a fade or grow).  I don't think that should have anything to do with the timeline placement - sounds like a bug.