Zoom region not working smoothly - possible player problem

Jan 12, 2015

Hi does anyone know how I can get my zoom region to stay centred when it is actually zooming.

I can select my zoom region around an object, but when you actually preview this the zoom region enlarges the object off to the left of the screen and doesn't stay in the centre.

Any thoughts on what i may need to do?




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Jose Arroyo

That is a big difference to me.  In the HTML5 version, certain objects I don't want appearing show up.  The flash version zooms exactly into the area selected in the story file.  The HTML5 version is off as the slide itself shifts before zooming.  That is why you see all that orange in the HTML5 version. 

For me, the zoom is off and displays lower and to the right of what the flash version shows.

Walt Gill

So this problem still persists today, 12/15/2016.  This problem is 2 years old!!!!

When you add a Zoom Region to a story file with the Chromeless player, the zoom area will cut off the top of the area that you need to zoom.  If you go in the player options and add the volume control, the zoom area works perfectly.

What is the deal Articulate?  This has been too long for a bug like this.  I really hope that A360 will be better at addressing your customers needs and that you have a sense of urgency to solve them. This is really unacceptable.   Now I am apprehensive about unloading lots of money for this program any longer.  The subscription model for Adobe sounds like a better option.  

I am disappointed in Articulate and having a problem this old is unacceptable.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Walt!

We are striving to do a better job at understanding customer pain-points as well as number of users impacted.

Thanks for bringing this up again and it looks like there are quite a few users here as well as yourself. Would you be able to share a sample .story file here so that I can include it and post an update with users impacted for the team? Only one example is attached at this time, so more is certainly better for understanding, replication, and testing.

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