Zoom Region on Click?


I was curious if there is a way to create a zoom region that will show up when a button or marker has been selected.

For example if I have a button or marker on top of a photo and I click on that button, the photo will zoom in to the region that is pertinent to the selected button/marker.

Does anyone know if this is possible or can only timed zoom regions be used currently?

Thank you

- Glenn

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Garth Yorko

I was able to do it with addtional slides that have the zoom area. 

The initial slide has the image and clickable objects. 

When clicked, the objects take you to another slide that zooms 

Then a shpe off canvas starts.  This opens a layer and pauses the base layer

There is a a button on the layer to zoom out. 

The zoom out button on the layer simply closes the current layer and returns to the base layer that continues playing, by zooming out. 

Then there is a trigger to return to the first page.

See that attached file