Zoom region only when starting the video

Hi everyone,

I placed some zoom regions in my slide to focus on some specific parts of the video. The problem is, that the zoom regions are shown even though I didn't click on the video. How can I trigger this so that the zoom regions are only shown when starting the video?

There's probably a really simple solution but my brain is on a go-slow...

Thank your for your help!


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Meryem M


Welcome to Heroes!

The zoom regions are tied to the timeline.  They don't activate with triggers.  But, if you want to zoom into a video, the lightbox slides might accomplish what you need.  Try something like this.

  1. In a new scene, insert a slide with just your video on it, full sized.
  2. On your original slide, just put a place holder (maybe a thumbnail from the video) to click on.
  3. Insert a trigger on the thumbnail.  "Lightbox slide [new video slide] ]when user clicks [thumbnail]