Zoom regions and image quality

Aug 09, 2016

I'm building a virtual tour and was intending to use the zoom regions to give a sense of motion along our organisation 'skyline'. However, when I add the picture of the skyline Storyline automatically reduces the image quality so when zooming in the image is pixallated. I have tried upping the image quality and even splitting the skyline into sections so transport it over and its not working.

Im  worried Im faced to rebuild in Prezi where you can get the movement or just adding bits into slides and try to play with transitions. I have attached the first slide to show what Im aiming to do.  Am I missing something obvious? 

Best Wishes,


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Richard Hill

Jonna, If looks are a must you should probably rebuild the skyline in storyline primitive shapes, and use text boxes for the signage.  It will scale up as vector in the flash version of Storyline whilst zooming.   It would work well with the flat design of your skyline too.  btw  if you do decide to tackle it, remember to

1.hold( ctrl arrow)  to finely position your objects

2.(ctrl shift arrow) to finely scale your objects ( or ctrl shift enter for the panel)

3. Grouping objects together then scaling will keep them in the same position. (useful for making a new building out of a prebuilt one)

Good luck.

Jonna Fraser

Thank you - I hadn't thought of that. 

I hadn't realised about Storyline reducing the image quality as I'm more used to working in Prezi when doing projects with this type of motion. I'm on a bit of a time crunch but will try to build sections of it if not all. Blurred lines give me the heebie weebies ;)

Thanks again for your help!

Richard Hill

Jonna, Here's a kick start to help out... I know it's work, but perhaps not so bad.   Great job by the way.   One more tip on the signage though.   Storyline limits font size to 8 when typing it in.  Use the down triangle next to the font input to reduce it further.  See attached file 

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