Zoom's not smooth

Can anybody help me work out why the zooms my published SL2 slides are quite jumpy.  In preview mode they work nice and smoothly.  I have tried lengthening the timeline of the zooms and increasing the zoom field so that it doesn't have to travel so far, so fast. 

This project requires my published Storyline file to be converted to an MP4 video file, which I have done through Replay.  Attached is the end resulting MP4.

Any suggestions would be welcomed as client has queried the smoothness.

Thanks Christine

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Leslie

Thank you for looking at this.  I have actually since logged a platinum support job. 

FYI - for anyone in the future who may have similar issue, it looks like this is probably due to the speed of my internet connection, and also because haven't update to latest flash version.  I will update flash and retry.

Work-around - As I am only having to provide my client with MP4 videos of the published SL2 file, my work-around is that I have recorded the Storyline scene from preview mode (using Replay), without having to first publish.

Thank you to you and Cleo for your assistance.  Ta Christine