Zoom slider and play pause missing from bottom left of timeline

Hi there,

This may be a really silly and obvious question (so apologies in advance!) I can seem to find the settings options for the time in Storyline, I want to 'turn on' the slider and play pause button on the bottom left but cannot find the menu options to do this. Help would be much appreciated!



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Peter Anderson

Hi Elanor, welcome

It sounds like you may have inadvertently collapsed your timeline. Are you seeing the below in your bottom-left corner? If so, you should be able to simply click it to make your timeline and other features reappear. 

If that doesn't seem to be the case, can you attach a screenshot of what you're seeing? Thanks!

Elanor McDonald

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back to me. I couldn't see the expand option at all actually, it was as if I should have been able to scroll further down the screen and couldn't (!?!) Very odd! 

What I've done now is install an update on the machine and this has re-activated the scrollbar.

Thanks for you help,


Christine Kirsch

Hi there,

I face the same problem for Storyline 2: I also don't see the expand option for the notes and timeline, and somehow the bottom of my page "disappears" behind the black bar.

I also checked for updates like recommended above, but the system is up-to-date.

Any ideas? Thanks!