Zoom spills over other layers in S3

Apr 09, 2017

I am using the zoom feature in S3. It´s nice, but the problem is that the effect is not only applied to the current layer, but also to other hidden layers.
What I mean is, if the user clicks a button trigger (before the zoom effect) to show the hidden layer, (in my case a detail of a table), eventually the zoom effect appears. The zoom effect of course only makes sense if the user is watching the base layer. 
Is there a work around for this problem?

Thank you.

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Ali Goulet

Great Marcos, thanks for sending that in. I see your case (#01053530) and I'll be sure to keep an eye on it as well and relay details here.  What you're describing specifically isn't something I've come across, but now that our Engineers have your file they'll be able to dig a little deeper into what's occurring there.

Marcos Dutra

I have sent a feature request to fix the bug. 
Unfortunately, there is a lot of bugs in the way Articulate handles videos. You guys should really make it a priority to repair them.

Zoom feature spills over other layers and ruins the experience.
If the user is watching a second layer and the timeline runs thru the zoom region in another layer, an abrupt meaningless zoom will appear.
My request is that zoom feature should be limited to only the layer to which it is applied.
Actually, this is a BUG that must be fixed, not a feature request.
This is a request based on support case 01053530.

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