Zooming with Hotspots

Feb 06, 2017

Hello all,

I have created a quiz in Quizmaker and imported it to Storyline.  Many of my slides involve hotspots.  I would like to be able to add a Zoom button to change the state of these slides so that the image is zoomed in.  Issue is, when I do this, the hotspots do not zoom along with the image.  Is there a way to do this? (Please note that I am a beginner with regard to this program so please be specific!)

thanks so much!


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hi Jess,

Hotspots do not group with other objects. So you can't do something like group hotspots with an image and then apply a zooming effect to them to also zoom the hotspots. You can however use slide layers to simulate a zooming effect and resize the hotspots accordingly.

I have attached an example that uses hotspots and slide layers to achieve the effect you might be looking to achieve. It zooms in on a red arrow when it is clicked on. Then you can click on it when zoomed in on and it will zoom back out.

The zooming effects take place on the slide layers. And you will be replacing an image wherever you see the red arrow with the image you choose. And in some of those places you will need to add animations the same way I did with the red arrow.

I would recommend looking into learning about the program a little more if you find this example confusing (since you said you were a beginner). And let me know if you have any additional questions about this example.

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