1 person, multiple emotions

Does anyone know of a good site that provides stock photos of people displaying several emotions? I'm a member of Thinkstock which isn't quite cutting it for my current project. I thought I read a thread where Jeannette mentioned one, but I can't find it now. It doesn't have to be free, tho affordable is nice. 

Thank you!

PS- a problem I'm having with Thinkstock is the models are either too formal or too casual. Our sales reps wear polos and khaki type of attire and they're always laughing at our training filled with pictures of people in suits.

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Marsha Rivera


Tryhttp://elearningtemplates.com/Search under people cutouts. The beauty about the character packs is that the white backgrounds have been removed so a lot of the work is already done. In addition, there are lots of different poses and expressions that can be used in a variety of work settings. I bought 2 characters packs and a PowerPoint template. Excellent quality product and customer service. If you can find the characters you need, this is definitely the way to go. The owners are currently working on adding a bunch of new characters in the upcoming weeks. I can hardly wait to add some new characters to my library.


Joseph Suarez

I've had much success using eLearningArt

Narrator Files also has photo sets of similar quality and price.

If your budget is really tight, you can try searching cheaper stock photo sites (like iStockphoto) with terms like "set" & "multiple expressions". You can get multiple headshots in a single image. However, it requires some work cropping individual expressions into separate files, and the backgrounds aren't transparent.