10 Key typing program for k12 students

I made a 10 key typing program in Articulate Storyline that I think is pretty good.  I am using this in my 7th grade class called CTE Intro.  One of the skills the class requires is ten key.  I have been using an assignment that a teacher designed in Excel but I wanted to try and improve it for my students.  The first time I used the articulate ten key programs, I knew it was the right choice. The students did not have to worry if the technology was working.  It worked flawlessly.  The students were able to learn the concept and see the results at the end of the module.  I am using Storyline within our School’s Moodle site.  I love that Storyline will use Scorm technology that I can use to track the students’ progress. 


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Natalia Mueller

Hi Brian,

I went through the whole thing. What a great way to use Storyline as both a practice tool and for you track students progress. I'm guessing that you probably teach the actual finger placement in class and then use this as a way to practice? Very cool. I enjoyed brushing up on it myself.  One thing that would have been nice is if there was a progress meter or even just numbered tracking on each slide so I knew how far I still had to go in each section (Question 5 of 30). But seriously, what a great way to conduct an assignment. I wish I had a tool like this when I was in school. It's definitely a creative way to use Storyline for your students and a nice change from the standard homework assignment. Well done and thanks for sharing!