Awesome Likert Scales in Storyline!

Hi all! Check out this cool demo of Likert Scales in Storyline 2 - you'll see 4 examples, and each score is recorded in a spreadsheet. The .story file is also attached, so feel free to download.

Awesome Likert Scales Demo

Access the demo here.

Remember to share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which you can do using the social buttons within the demo. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

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Michael Burns

Hi Peter! I found this post a while back, and have tweaked a few details, but it's incredibly helpful:

Do you have experience using JavaScript at all? It's not absolutely necessary but it helps. You may have to do some testing on this to make sure everything is set up correctly but I'd be happy to troubleshoot if you run into any issues.

Good luck!

Jan Slozil

Dear Michael,

I add my words of thanks to those many contributors above and I have a question. What was initially stored under the link Now there's nothing.

I'm trying to figure out how to publish content of each screen to social networks and I somehow think that this example might help me out but I need to know how the external site is related to the link in your storyfile.

Thanks, Jan