175 page PDF - To Rise or to Storyline

Nov 25, 2018

Hello friends,

I've been asked to 'digitise' a 175 page learner guide to be accessed via an LMS/Scorm.

I just wonder if the project lends itself to be presented via Rise rather than Storyline.  There will be some video and moving elements on the screen.  The end result wont be 100% text based.

Wondering if there are any words of wisdom/past experience from others in this community? Which package would be the better fit in this instance?

Many thanks,


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Nicole Ralph

Thank you for your prompt response.

We are taking a blended approach on this project.

The 175 page document is a medical text book containing theory, concepts and knowledge the learner needs to be across. 

Once the online text book is completed by the learner, she/he is to be 'tested' on their understanding in a face to face meeting with the assessor.

I wonder if Rise lends itself to being a better fit to digitise a text book rather than Storyline.

The experience we hope to achieve is easy use TOC, clean design and content searching.

Your thoughts and experience is really appreciated.


Ned Whiteley

Hi Nicole,

One option you may wish to consider is that, within Rise, you have the ability to include blocks that enable your learners to download pdf files (Multimedia - Attachment).

Obviously I don't know the content of your medical text book, but for the sake of this response let's just assume that it can be broken down into five chapters. What you then design within Rise are five separate sections, containing a number of interactive and highly engaging lessons, that cover each of the five chapters.

Each section could start with an introduction of the topic and then a block that enables the learners to download a pdf of the appropriate chapter to use as a reference whilst they work through the course. Not only could they refer to the pdf if they needed to, but you could also, as part of the interactivity of your course, tell them to read a particular part of the chapter at a specific point in the course before proceeding further.

At the end of each section you then add a quiz, which can also include questions that require the learners to look back through the pdf file to find the answers, that way you make sure they read it thoroughly and understand the contents.

At the end of the day, if you make your course engaging, your students will gain far more from it than they would by simply reading the book.

Good luck with the course.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Nicole,

Although you can't directly insert videos from CL into Rise, you can create a slide in SL that contains the video you want, publish it to Articulate 360 and then incorporate it into your Rise course by using a Storyline block (found at the end of the Interactive blocks section). A little bit fiddly, but it does at least achieve the aim you want. I agree, direct insertion in the same way as images would be good.

One thing to be aware of, if you haven't used SL blocks in Rise before, is that you need to set up the Player in SL to suit your final output requirements in Rise. For example, if you are using a white (or light) background in your Rise course, you may wish to use the Light option for your Player background so that you don't end up with a black box around your video.

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