1st Articulate project

I am currently going through an elearning certificate program at Rio Salado Community college.  For 8 weeks, I have gone through the scripting/storyboarding, prototyping and final project phases.  All of my friends use Articulate and have bragged on its functionality, so I decided to use the trial version to complete my project for this class.  To use the free version, I had to download it in week 4, teach myself how to use it and complete my final project.  Here is my final product. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23273892/player.html

In learning this tool I lost my audio, had issues with the PowerPoint plug in, experienced slides with lower volume than the others, etc.  But as a result of the community blogs, I got through it all and turned in my project 1 day early.  On Monday, I plan to purchase my own copy of the Articulate suite.

All feedback on the project is welcomed.

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Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Evette,

This was a really good for your first Articulate project.  I have a few suggestions that I think will make it even better.  

I found it very difficult to hear the audio on this - even with the volume at  full blast.  You mentioned that you had difficulties with this, but if you could increase the volume a little more it would increase the understanding of your learner.  

I think reading a slide is always a bad idea.  I would either use images to convey meaning (with the words in the notes section of the slide), or use a short summary sentence (different than what you are saying).  You did this well on slide 4.  Garr Reynolds has a book Presentation Zen that has some good slide ideas.  His blog is here http://www.presentationzen.com/  Some of his slide samples are here http://www.slideshare.net/garr/sample-slides-by-garr-reynolds

I don't know if you are aware, but you can remove the Articulate logos and replace them with your own logos. See http://www.articulate.com/support/kb/000837.php  &  https://player.vimeo.com/video/204927753

You could improve your review notes by providing custom feedback when the learner gets it wrong. That's an opportunity for you to tell them why another answer was the correct choice, and not just tell them that they got it wrong.  Here's a Screenr on how to do that https://player.vimeo.com/video/204928099

For your next project, try to include a scenario that will involve the learner more.  i.e. instead of listening to someone else's phone call, let them be the caller and give them choices of what to say next - you learn more by doing.  Cathy Moore has some great ideas in her blog here http://blog.cathy-moore.com/category/scenarios-and-stories/

If you are serious about improving your skills, join Twitter and follow people like Jeanette Brooks, David Anderson, Tom Kuhlmann, Stephanie Harnett, Tracy Parish and David Fair + many more.  This will shorten your learning curve.  Also Screenr is a great resource - here's how to subscribe https://player.vimeo.com/video/148895621

David Anderson

Hi Evette,

Welcome to Heroes and thank you so much for sharing your project with the community.

Your project looks really great. I like that you used your own pic and bio on the start screen—it's a great way to personalize where the training is coming from.

Something else I noticed that really worked is you didn't try to put too much into the course. A common mistake many new users make is trying to include too much—animations,graphics, images, effects and text—into their first project. Your course seems balanced and reasonable for a first project and one created under such tight deadlines.

What would I change? Not much for a first project. The audio is definitely low. Here's a quick tutorial on using Presenter to increase audio volume:


The most important area I'd recommend focusing on is your text styles. Because you're using a good amount of text in your project, setting up some basic styles will go a long way in terms of readability.

Lookat how you're using titles, bullet text and body text. In some places, the text appears to be the same size, weight and color. A simple fix is to usePowerPoint.

Here'sa basic primer on setting up the H1, H2 and body text sizes: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/courses/selecting-the-right-fonts-for-this-course.aspx

Andfinally, here's a quick pass at redesigning a few of your screens:

Martin Cridge

Great effort and good feedback above.

Now this is a minor point but one of my little pet hates, on your quizzes you cannot actually get 80%.

To pass you need to answer all the questions correctly so you may as well set the pass mark to 100%. If you are happy for someone to get a question or two wrong lower the pass percentage by the appropriate amount.