Two Storyline Interactions for Free

Mar 21, 2016

Hi Friends,

We have added many unique interactive slides for Articulate Storyline 2 to our eLearningchips library. Some of them we offer you to download for free.

Here is one free interaction designed as vertical tabs:


Feel free to try its demo version. You can see developer manual and description of interactive slide at our website. And download its source files here.

And another one free interactive slide designed as horizontal tabs:


You can try demo, see developer manual and description of interaction at our website and download Storyline 2 source files here for free.

Hope you’ll like both of them. We will be happy if they prove useful for you in your e-learning projects.

Also you can see for all our interactions for Articulate Storyline 2 on

We’d be glad to hear your comments or suggestions.

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Debee Stanton

Those are a couple of super nice templates! Thanks for sharing.

I was looking through your site and noticed that you have a lot of background graphics. Can you confirm that you're licensing those images from Shutterstock (or another service) and that we would have full rights to use those images in commercial projects?

I occasionally subscribe to Shutterstock's monthly plan to bulk-purchase images. I noticed you have many of the same images and it might make sense to purchase yours on an individual basis.

Your image:


Do you have a page that outlines your licensing and use policies and guarantees we have rights to what we purchase from you?

Alexey Kryvopishyn

Dear Debee,

Our eLearningchips project is a multi-vendor stock of learning assets. So, any company or person can sell their artworks through our stock becoming a contributor. Surely, all the contributors should be the owners of their artworks or have all required rights to sell them. We have a public contributor’s agreement here which determines the terms of the stock and its contributors sellers cooperation.

The artworks you mentioned in the message above belong to Technomatix company. Technomatix sells that assets both through Shutterstock and eLearningchips. So you can buy their artworks from the both sources. And you will have all the right to use the images purchased on eLearningchips  in your commercial projects. You can find the user’s l public License agreement here.

If you have a monthly/yearly subscriptions plans to the Shutterstock it will be probably more beneficially to get images from there, but if you want to get something one-by-one on individual basis it will be probably more efficient to use eLearningchips.

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