2 Truths and a Lie - Explanation & Downloads

Hi Community! Check out my submission for the latest E-Learning Challenge, where we can all play 2 Truths and a Lie together:


This posts to a Google sheet so everyone can see all the answers. Here’s the sheet:

2 Truths 1 Lie Google Sheet

Some folks asked how I put this together – there’s the .story file; posting data to a google spreadsheet; and some simple formulas used in the sheet to interpret and sort data. Here’s a basic explanation – feel free to ask questions or for help.

For something like this, it’s best to work backwards to make sure the end product will function correctly – so, we’re going to start with the Google sheet, not Storyline. For an explanation on how to post to a Google sheet, PLEASE check out this article. It explains the process better than I. If you want my version of the guide posted there, it’s attached to this article. (Feel free to ask me for help; it can seem a little daunting at first.)

Once I confirmed that worked, I wanted the sheet to “sort” the user’s answers – so, if they submitted “Truth – Lie – Truth”, I wanted the sheet to show the answers in order, and then sort them into the order “Truth – Truth – Lie” on the next page.

This is basically smoke and mirrors at this point. Here’s a list of the posted variables:

·         Name

·         Answer A

·         Answer B

·         Answer C

·         Lie

In Storyline, when the user clicks on their choice for the lie, a trigger sets “Lie == Answer X” based on the one they chose. In the Google sheet, the “Lie” variable posts to a hidden column. On the next sheet “The secrets are revealed!”, there are “If-then” formulas in each cell to "look" for the lie, and sort the 2 truths in order. Here’s an example:


If you’re not familiar with Excel, it’s basically, “IF this is true, then fill the cell with this, but IF NOT, then do another IF statement” and so on. There’s probably a more elegant way to do this but this worked for me.

Once I confirmed the .story file posted to the sheet, and the sheet sorted data correctly, it was just a matter of creating an interface and making sure the variables were collected in order and submitted (there’s some graceful error handling in there if the user forgets to enter something).

Thanks for reading! Check out the downloads, and feel free to ask any questions.


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