21 Free Icons for Your Courses and the CaughtCha Koala

Here is a collection of 21 icons I have built over the course of the last couple months. The foreground designs are not flattened into the background badges, so by adjusting color overlays you will be able to fit these into any color scheme you use!  The PSD file is attached to this post. 

You may notice that the second icon is a koala. “Why?” you ask.


I made this thing called the “CaughtCha Koala” to replace the You must complete all the steps in order to continue notification. He was inspired by a lady at work who told me she just “power clicks through all online lessons.” I left our conversation awestruck by sheer volume of Interaction Notifications she must receive during training. So in order to engage her (or just catch her off-guard) I designed something to grab her attention. (And maybe this is one of the benefits of working alongside your audience).  

So, instead of seeing this…


She will see this…



I know that this might not be acceptable with all audiences, but if you want something like those goofy 404 messages that pop up for broken webpages, you are more than welcome to borrow our Koala. 



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