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Allison LaMotte

What a fun idea, Nejc! Thanks for sharing :) The illustrations and sound effects are amazing. 

Of course, the first thing I did was to see what would happen if I put only incorrect answers and turned all the dots red. I have to say, I was a little disappointed that it didn't explode right away! That being said, the explosion animation was well worth the wait. Looks great! 

Thanks again for sharing this example with the community. Any chance you'd be willing to share the .story file? I'm sure our community members would love to use this in their courses!

Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Hey, Allison, thanks! :)

I cannot share the source file, but I am happy to answer any questions.

One of the more interesting parts of the whole project is that the whole quiz is generated randomly from variables, nothing is hardcoded. And when you're playing the game, that is basically one slide being reloaded all the time. :)