3-D Responsive Design

I'm looking for expertise and ideas. What I'd like to create is a 3-D Learning Bot in a Storyline course that is animated and can move across the screen (possibly motion path) and interact with things the user types (I can trigger with choices of user responses but I'd love for it to be responsive without HTML which I don't know well). I do not have PowerPoint 2019. I do have Adobe Creative Cloud. 

I always envision the end response and have to scramble to put together how it can be achieved or modified to create a product that I can still be happy with, realizing I sometimes "think too big" for the skill and technology I currently have. :)

Anyways, I'm really looking to learn from the expertise here and take any suggestions about how to go about this, best programs to use, and creative ideas around how this can be doable (while maybe not to the extent I'd like it). I'd love advice on actually creating the 3-D bot, your visions of this, and/or how to animate him or make him responsive on screen. I hope to take this next project into the future as much as possible even if the created "bot" just acts as an introduction and appears a few times throughout.

Any ideas out there? Anything at all would be appreciated. I think maybe the software limitations I see can be overcome at least in part by maybe someone else's creativity in using the provided tools and possible outside programs. 

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