3 ways to make your work available for a download

Apr 26, 2016

Have you created a template that you would love to share? Perhaps, you have created images or icons and would be proud to see them being used by other people. If your answer is yes, try out these methods, which make it possible for others to download your files.

Method 1: Start a post on the ELH (Elearning Heroes) forums

This is one of the easiest methods by which you can make your work available for a download. All you need to do is:

  1. Click ‘Discuss’ followed by  ‘New Discussion’
    Screenshot of discussion page
  2. Add a title . (Tip: I include the word ‘Freebie’ or ‘Free’ in the title so that my file gets featured in the search result displayed by ELH’s internal search engine.)
  3. Give a short description of your file in the ‘Body’ section.
  4. Click the ‘Attachments’ button to upload your file.
  5. Choose the appropriate forum and post your discussion.

Method 2: Opt for free a file-hosting service

Another method of sharing your work is by using a file-hosting service. There are many free hosting services, and most of them offer a minimum of 2GB of free space. I usually use either box.com or dropbox.com. You just need to :

  1. Upload your file, and get a shareable link. Tip: I create different folders (example images, templates) to put the relevant files. Life becomes a bit easy if one is organised, right? 
    Screenshot of box.com highlighting upload button
    Screenshot of box.com showing shareable link
  2. Embed the link into an image or a text that you have on a forum/ or your blog.  To embed a a link, you need to:
    1. Select the text/image in which you want to insert the link.In the screenshot given below, I want to embed the link in the word ‘download’.
      Screenshot showing first step for embedding link
    2.  Click the insert icon link( it is usually represented by image of a chain) and paste the shareable link.

    3. When a person clicks the word/image where you have inserted the shareable link, a dialog box, prompting the person to download the file, will open.

Method 3: Head to your Gmail/Outlook account:

If you have a Gmail or an Outlook account, you can use the allied services – Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive – to share your files. 

The process is similar to that of file-hosting services. You have got to upload the files, get a shareable link and then share that link with others.

Try these methods, and share your experiences.


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