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Sep 18, 2020

Hi Elearning Heroes, 

I am looking for very specific information and I hope I came to the right place. 

We have a new Managing Director for the LMS and he is looking to rework some boring training. I have built 5 courses so far using templates, states, triggers and variables - but these Articulate elements are not sprucing up the training. 

My question is: what 3rd party authoring tool / or template do you use to make training sleek, professional, fast paced and engaging?

(I am not looking for Rise to be an option)

I have started a free trial for After Effects but it seems very complicated. I have also looked at elearning brothers but I notice that they need to use a third party (After Effects) to manipulate the screens. 

We have a very tight deadline (21 courses by the end of the year). I would really appreciate your insight. 

Thank you. 




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Dave Goodman

21 courses by the end of the year is not real unless you have at least 4-5 other instructional designers/developers on hand. Having said that, and adding to Phil's comment, I would start with a triage approach. See if the 21 courses can be bundled within 4-5 design topics with their own template. Each topic/template would have its own unique design, style, layout, etc. E.G., one template might be a mystery approach, another would be a journey across a pharma trial, another might be a dialogue or a discussion approach between two characters, or create a game-like design, etc. Are your courses a full 45 minute design or are they briefer 15-20 minute designs? If you can provide more info on course length, topics, corporate restrictions (nothing cute or gamelike), etc, then others might be able to zero in on some ideas. If you are really getting crunched, use Studio for quick and simple interactions and/or Peek video insertsas a mentor doing the teaching. Regards.

Jenna Mammolito

...(I am not looking for Rise to be an option)... 

Any specific reasons for this? I resisted Rise for a long time because I fell in love with StoryLine when version 1 was released (oh so very long ago). Now I find that StoryLine blocks in Rise give me the best of both worlds. Rapid development in Rise for the bulk of my content married with deeper interactivity unavailable in the standard Rise blocks provided by StoryLine. 

Feedback from users here has been so positive that our tech training organization just made the switch from Captivate to Rise+StoryLine.


Audio blocks are easy in Rise. However, they do require a click from the user to play.
You can also use StoryLine blocks in Rise with your audio. Too often, designers think of Storyline as being restricted to "slides" or a slide like format, but you can set your dimensions to effectively create a content banner to hold your audio.

Quick and dirty demo: https://rise.articulate.com/share/-i-sZJgcVC39aU1u7lGpQuZuE_ti6mCN

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