4-Way split slide with images to fly in with narration

Aug 25, 2019

Hi Colleagues, I am trying to create a slide in Storyline 360 that is a 4-way split. The 4 images will fly in with the narration. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial as to how I set this up? Thanks. Joan


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Joan,

Here's a simple example using animated layers. In this example I have placed four arrows on four separate layers and set each one to appear in turn, 2 seconds apart on the timeline. When each layer is shown, an animation causes the arrow to fly in from the left, top, right or bottom as appropriate. You can easily adjust the point at which the layer is shown in order to tie in with your narration.

If you are using animation to fly in your images, you don't necessarily have to use separate layers, but it can make your life a lot easier and your slide less cluttered when doing the development work if you do so.

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