5 Free E-Learning Tools for the prodcution process

Adding to the list of free tools Nicole has pointed out in her Article: 6 Awesome (and Free) E-Learning Tools i wanted to share 5 more:

These are little helpers you can use in your production process. Not all of them are e-learning specific, but all of them are useful, free and make our work a little bit easier.

1. Padlet (Conceptualization of modules, topics, objectives; collaboration)

2. EdWordle (visualizations with word clouds)

3. Ditto (Clipboard Manager) [Alternative for Mac: CopyClip]

4. PureText (Remove Text Formatting automatically) [Alternative for Mac: Get Plain Text]

5. SCORM Cloud (Test and Troubleshoot SCORM Content)

If you're intested in examples, tips and use cases for these tools, you can check out the video i made on this topic here: 

Which are your favorites? Are there any free tools missing? Please leave a note below.

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