50 US States - transparent PNGs in two colors and source .ai files

Dec 08, 2016

Over in the Storyline forum there was a request for images of all 50 states to build an interactive map.

Articulate 360 has a new US Map layout slide, but if you are still on Storyline 1 or 2, you can't use that template. 

A few years back I built and interactive map for a project. There was a bit of an effort building it but it is now a template and I've re-used it several times.

The biggest time investment is the State images. And, if you want a hover state, selected state, etc. you need 50 images for each object state!


  • The map image shown below
  • 50 state images in green
  • 50 state images in dark green
  • Four Adobe Illustrator files for versions: CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC

If you need different colors or another shade of green, simply change the fill color of all states. In the Layers panel, hide all states. Then reveal one at a time and export. Tedious, yes but just think of all the different looks you can make!

I started writing up a tutorial on how to build the interaction. When I get it done, I'll update this post.

Hope this helps many of you that need map images.

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