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Jan 05, 2017

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to wish you all a successful and glorious happy new year!

Generally at the end of the old year I create some personal goals. One of my goals for this year is to increase my illustration skills with the program Affinity designer and link it to my next goal ... 53Freebies.

Broadly speaking, this means one Freebie every week, but at least 53 throughout the year 2017.

With this first Freebie I want to give you an idea of ​​how an image can effectively be used in your e-learning course.


Download File SL2

Download File SL360


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David Anderson

Hey folks! This is a really great idea!

Let's do this. I think the forums are the best place to share your freebies since they forums allow attachments.

Every Monday, Paul will create a new thread with #53freebies and week # in the title. This will make it easier for users to participate in previous weeks. I will create recap pages for each week's freebies to help folks find the cool downloads you share.

If you miss a week, you can jump into one of the previous weeks and post your freebie.

Promote Your Work

I would encourage everyone who shares one or more downloads this year to write a short article or summary about your download. This will help you gain even more visibility for the work you share. 

Weekly Challenges

For those of you who share downloads in the weekly challenges, this is a great way to cross-promote your freebies.

What Can You Share?

Share whatever you like! A free icon, animated button, PowerPoint slide, Storyline interaction, illustrated character... anything! 

What a great way to kick off the new year!

Dianne  Hope

Hey Paul - I turned my back on Twitter momentarily (I was actually working on a design and searching for the "perfect purple push pin") and when I looked just now, I had 30 notifications - all stemming from your #53freebies challenge mentioning @veronbudnikas, @pinchedhead, @elearning, @eLearningJeff, @StyleLearn, @MattGuyan, @mlearning, @rbsaglam and @philmayor

This is a great idea, especially from an accountability perspective.  I guess I'm in...maybe my first entry should be to create my own customisable set of push pins - that perfect purple one is still very elusive.

Paul Alders

Thank you David. I think it's a very great idea of you to make this a challenge for all of our community members, as you mentioned on Twitter. It might be an option to indicate that a Freebie can be anything .... an interaction, a template or even a blog post on the site of ELH.

At this moment I am very busy digging up my missed eLearning challenges, to examine whether these can be part of my personal 53Freebies for 2017.

Paul Alders

Hey Ridvan - Great to know that you're also in this challenge....awesome!

At first I thought of posting a new discussion every week, but now this challenge is getting bigger, because more community members are joining I don't know if this is the right solution. 

Lets see what Davids opinion is on this...maybe he can set up a special page for our Freebies.


Count me in! I've tried to do the download-a-week thing for a few years now. I never seem to make it past January. Having a Heroes support group will help me achieve this goal.

I'll add my latest download to this week's freebie challenge: 

One down. Only 52 more freebies to go!

Ridvan  Saglam

I have been planning to use some Illustrator tutorials to improve my designing skills, but couldn't motivate myself enough. I think 53Freebies Challenges will keep me motivated. Here is a male character which I made by following a Tutorial created by ZipUp. I added two poses (png), illustrator, pdf and svg files. 



Phil Mayor

Thanks for this Paul, this is a demo that I built for a client to show them what their course might look like back in the summer, I didn't win the work so thought I may as well give this away.

Here is a demo.

Here is the 360 file.

This is a conversion from a SL2 file and it looks a little buggy with the z-order on publish in HTML5!


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