Vancouver Island/Victoria User Group

I had also coordinated our Vancouver Island group (I live half way in between). These were the topics that came up:

Tech related:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Javascript
  • More on Tin Can API

Workflow related:

  • freelance business admin
  • work practices (working from home - how to manage your day)

If you are interested in getting together sometime in June, respond in this thread.  

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Terry Bell

I'm afraid the meeting was not well-attended, in other words it was just me and Holly (thankfully she didn't make the trip, but was dialed in instead).  I hope no one is on their way here, because I'm calling it a day.  It was nice to talk to you Holly, and I hope to catch up with the rest of you again soon.  

Enjoy this beautiful spring day!

Holly MacDonald

Hi group - this came my way: - thought I'd share it in case anyone is interested or knows someone who is interested/available.

Summer has been busy for me, if there's interest in organizing anything for later in Sept, I could come to the "big island" for a visit!

Ryan Martin

Hi Everyone.

I'm curious to know how people in the Victoria area would be interested in an Articulate/E-learning Strategy Workshop?

It would be on E-learning Scenario Design. Using my Broken Co-worker as a model. Reverse engineer the design, strategy, and answer your questions.

My partner, Anna, and I are VERY interested in doing a workshop; and sharing our experience.

Anna has discussed Broken Co-worker on YouTube here (if you're not familiar):

However, we want to dive deeper into the creative work and steps involved.

We'd be coming in from Tofino to do this, so it's important to gauge interest.


Ryan Martin

Hi Pat!

I've been going big and juicy with my typography after building this model (based on a Google design).

For a corporate project I'm working on this very minute for ABB, I have regular "scenario" copy set at

  • HelveticaNeueLT Std Lt 19pt
  • Paragraph After 18pt
  • Line Spacing Multiple 1.1

Then activities go even bigger, 32pt (very similar to the model above).

Early tests of this design were very positive.

But as a general rule: Try not to go below 14pt.

If you want to Skype and look at how we're applying that model to client work, let me know. My email is


Patrick Giommi

Hello All,

I've been out of the loop for a while, but back at it.

Won't be going to Articulate Roadshow this year, but a colleague of mine will be attending. Her name is Sheena, so say hello if you bump into her.

What is everyone thinking about the next get together (post Roadshow)?

I may be able to secure office/meeting space after 4:00 pm, if people are interested in meeting near the Royal Jubilee?

Have fun at the Roadshow. Learn lots and learn hard!


Ryan Martin

Hi all!

I'll be presenting at the Articulate Roadshow this week so I put together an article detailing the design tips I'll be covering and the demo we'll go over.

It's worth a read if you're a keener and want the jump on my topic :)

If you're not going, the article is still loaded with e-learning design tips.

E-learning Challenge: How I Got My Articulate Roadshow Demo Done in 1 Day


Patrick Giommi

Hello All,

I have a colleague that needs an Instructional Designer for a full-time contract, mid-Jan to March for the development of Navy Diving Training. That's all I know. This is a quick ask b/c he's looking for a response asap. If you have some capacity. Send me a quick note and I'll pass it on to my colleague. Cheers.

Dave Ferguson

Yesterday, two of us at BC Pensions (here in Victoria) sat in a seminar featuring the genial and helpful Kevin Thorn. As an unexpected fringe benefit, we were able to connect with Pat Giommi, who reminded me that this group exists.

So this is me waving to island-centric contacts (hi, Holly!).

Regarding SL 3 /  360: We acquired SL 2 some time ago. We don't make extensive use of it yet, but there's lots of potential. 

We've just gone through a reorganization, and my 3 fellow curriculum developers and I are now reporting to our Employee Services (HR) function. So among other things I've summarized the options and tradeoffs as I see them (meaning, as a person who doesn't have budget responsibilities).

My hunch is that we'll stick with SL 2 for a while. I'm not sure we'd make extensive use of the add-ons in the 360 suite, much as I might enjoy some of them.