854 slides, 223 videos, 112 attachments, 750+ users, 2 quizzes

Sharing our recent Articulate experience/achievement with this great community. 

We recently launched a Spreadsheet Modeling course for management students comprising of 854 Presenter slides, 223 flv screen captures (5 hours) recorded using Camtasia and packaged using Engage, 112 file attachments, and 2 Quizmaker quizzes of 75+ questions. The course is hosted as a multi-scorm object on SCORM Cloud. 

This project was a great learning experience for all of us. We also had the opportunity to leverage the complete potential of Articulate products. In the process we learned a lot about these products, including their strengths and weaknesses. The support from the community was great as usual. If anyone is embarking on a similar sized project, we will be happy to share our learnings. 

It is needless to state the positive attributes of Articulate products. Yet several (minor but important) issues need to be ironed out in the next iteration of Studio. For bigger courses such as ours, there is still one major drawback: the "rapid" factor in "Rapid Elearning Development" is missing or subdued. We ended up spending a whole extra month due to the issues we faced. There's a lot of expectations from Studio 12 and we hope our prayers are answered

Furthermore, I would like to point out that half the year has already gone by and it is only but fair that Articulate announce when Studio 12 will be released. We want to tell our clients when we are going to upgrade our courses and provide them with a better learning experience. I am sure many people here will echo my sentiments. 

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