a better approach to teach business writing???

Dec 21, 2011


Everyone, I am a junior ISD and working in the corporate field (engineering and construction), and we need to work on a series of modules to teach people how to write better business English, technical documents and general writing.

My approach is to show samples of good work and ask learners to identify them and consequently adopt the behavior, any one has comments and a better approach?

we don't want to show any bad samples or use the word "bad" as it might have a bad impact.

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Patti Bryant


One idea that comes to mind is to develop a character that needs to write better business English, etc. and explain why.

Maybe something like "Kayla is new to the company. She has been tasked with taking existing documentation and making it better. She wants to make a really good impression and needs some help.  That's where YOU come in!" Then, show an example where something needs to be changed.

I think you can definitely do this without a "bad" connotation if it is presented in the right context. For example, maybe have a picture of a document laying on a desk and then show the learner the document. Then say something like "Can you help Kayla identify what could be changed to make this document better?" Then, maybe a side by side shot of the "before" and "after" documentation and a mention to the learner that YOU helped make it happen! You just turned this around so the learner helped make a change for the better by assisting the character. If this impacts a client in a positive way, maybe you could think of a way to close the scenario with how the quality of documentation affects the clients.

You could develop as many scenarios as are necessary.

I hope this helps!

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