A bone to pick with your TYPOGRAPHY "book"!

-I disagree the Georgia was the correct word. It should have been Baskerville-

On page 10 you mention a study in The New York Times that tested reactions to different fonts. YOU state::  people were more likely to believe them when they were written in subtle and serious typefaces such as Georgia.

Except if you GO to the NYT article it's all about BASKERVILLE! In fact Pt 2 of the article is a biography ABOUT the guy.

Additionally, in the graphic you use to show the level of disagreement that font invokes when being used to inform.  And GEORGIA has more "Strongly Disagrees" (1101) than Comic Sans (1547)!

So the graphic doesn't really fit in , and the graphic is more to show the 1.5% increase in gravitas that BASKERVILLE actually has.

If you agree, it's not that hard to update the PDF, and republish.

HTH! Alison

PS . Not shitting on Georgia in any way! In fact, it's for header stuff in my co's style guide /  brand compliance



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