A complete newbie to e-learning

Nov 02, 2013

Good day folks,

My name is Sam and I am a complete newbie to e-learning. I have been doing face to face soft skills training and would now like to convert my modules to be online, in an interactive e-learning mode. I just downloaded the trial version of storyline and I realized that just converting my powerpoints will not be interactive.

Now, I am thinking of outsourcing my ppts to get them converted to e-learning modules. Any thoughts on this? Would appreciate some inputs on how I could go about doing this. Thanks.

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Nandini Khandekar

Hi Sam

You have made correct decision in choosing Storyline to convert your ppt modules. Storyline does give you an option to import powerpoint presentations but as you have realized correctly, it will offer very limited or no interactivity.

Using Storyline, you can embed templates like Drag n Drop, multiple choice quizzes, short answers and text entry to name a few to make your module more interactive and engaging to the user.

For outsourcing the ppt to e-learning module conversion, you can advertise here on the community. I am sure you will get a great response and options to choose from.

I have sent you a private message for more details.


Dipti A

Bruce Graham


I would say - hold on a second..........

Depending on the conversion you require, it may be that Studio '13 is a much better and cheaper choice (see your other post).

"Interactivity" is all very well, however, depending on your audience, interactivity can actually take place in a face-to-face setting, and not in the course itself.

As Dipti mentions, you can get access to some of the best Articulate people here, but you need to be VERY clear on what you are trying to achieve - I have tried to give you some questions to think about on the other thread.

Just shout - on forum or via Private Message - if you want to talk more about your needs, before automatically jumping to "Storyline is the answer".

Remember the 70:20:10 rule - only 10% is formal learning/reading, 70% is on-the-job/tough jobs, and 20% is from people (often the boss).

Do not jump to "conversion" until you know that conversion is the right answer.

Hope that helps you.

Shyam (Sam) Cholayil

Hi Dipti,

Thanks for the prompt response on this. Yes, I have seen your message and will respond to it. I have been evaluating storyline as I really need interactions and simulations. Just ppt conversion alone is not what I am looking for. I have also tested the quizzing features and the drag and drop functionality. Looks pretty cool!

I have also received quite a few responses from people who are willing to do the conversion for me. Thanks.



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